Tubin-performances in May

Ballade in the Form of Chaconne on a Theme by Mart Saar in C sharp minor

10 May in Helsinkin Musiikkitalo

Johan Randvere piano recital in the series of  ”Virolainen musiikki soi”

Johan Randvere

Johan Randvere


Variations on an Estonian Folk Tune ETW41

9 May in Estonia concert hall

10 May in St Petersburg St John Church

Age Juurikas piano recitals in the series of  ”Eliitkontserdid”


Yearning for mixed choir (text Ernst Enno)

13 May in Türi St Martin Church

14 May in Swedish St Michael Church in Tallinn

Spring concert ”Vii mind ühes”

Chamber choir ”Helios”, Lodewijk van der Ree cond.





Tubin-performances in April

Choral works:

”Igatsus” (Ernst Enno)

7. April, Estonian National Museum

Spring concert ”Viisijada tõuseb vainult”

UT Chamber Choir, Triin Koch, cond.


Choral works:

”Karjase pühapäev” (folklore)

”Igatsus” (Ernst Enno)

”Rändaja õhtulaul” (Ernst Enno)

7. April, University of Tartu Narva College

8. April,  St Peterburg St John Church

Concert ”Püha paik”

Estonian National Male Choir, Mikk Üleoja, cond.

Ene Salumäe, organ


Seventh symphony

8. April, Pärnu Concert Hall

Concert ”Meie”

Pärnu City Orchestra, Jaan Ots, cond.


Choral works:

”Taganejate sõdurite laul” (Uku Masing)

12. April, Mihkli Lutherian Church (Koonga)

Concert held in the framework of “Estonian 100”

Estonian National Male Choir, Mikk Üleoja, cond.

Ralf Taal (piano) ja Ott Indermitte (bariton)

Eesti Rahvusmeeskoor, dirigent Mikk Üleoja

Estonian National Male Choir, Mikk Üleoja cond.

Tubin-performances in March

Ballet “Goblin”. Estonian National Opera. Tallinn, 8, 10 and 25 March

Piano Quartet in C sharp minor ETW 59 Maarja Helen Oserov (violin), Merike Heidelberg (viola), Valle-Rasmus Roots (cello) ja Auli Lonks (piano). Chamber Hall of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, 2 March; Harmos festival, Portugal, 7-11 March

Tubin-performances in February 2017

”Ballad on a Theme by Mart Saar”, Takahiro Akiba and Yuko Yoshioka (piano, Music Project Estonia) – short concert dedicated to Paavo Järvi. Tokyo, Hitachi Mejiro Club, 14 February.

Ballet “Kratt”, National Opera “Estonia”, 22 February

Solo Songs ”Autumn Sun” (lyrics Juhan Liiv), ”Waiting for Happiness (lyrics Ernst Enno) and ”Yearning” (lyrics Ernst Enno). Mirjam Mesak (soprano) and Kristiina Rokashevich (piano) – concert dedicated to the 99th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. London, in church St. Bartholomew the Great, 22 February

Symphony No.7, Dalasinfonietta, conductor Daniel Blendulf. Folkets Hus, Ludvika,  24 February; Kristinehallen, Falun, 25 February

Neeme Järvi – recipient of the 2017 State Lifetime Achievement Award

Neeme Jarvi High Res 1 - credit Simon van Boxtel

Neeme Järvi has conducted more works by Eduard Tubin than any other conductor. He studied Tubin’s music already in the 1950s and immediately understood its greatness and wealth of meaning. In 1961, when Tubin visited Estonia, Järvi met him personally. From this time, Tubin has been one of the most performed composers in his repertoire.

Tubin highly appreciated Järvi’s interpretations and wrote his Symphony No. 8 with Järvi in mind. It’s first performance took place in Tallinn on 24 February 1967, by the Estonian Radio Symphony Orchestra with Neeme Järvi conducting.

In the 1980s Järvi recorded all of Tubin’s symphonic works on the Swedish BIS label, which brought the breakthrough for Tubin’s music. From year 2000, Järvi is chairman of the honorary presidium of the Eduard Tubin International Society.


Neeme Järvi’s recordings as conductor of Tubin’s works:

Symphony No. 6; Estonian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Tallinn, Melodija  (1963), LP/mono

Music  for Strings; Estonian Radio Chamber Ensemble. Riga, Melodija (1966) LP/mono

Symphony No. 4 “Sinfonia Lirica”; Musikselskabet “Harmonien” Bergen, BIS (1984), LP/stereo

Symphony No. 9, Estonian Dance Suite, Toccata; Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, BIS (1984), LP/stereo

Prélude Solennel, Suite on Estonian Dances, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.1; Mark Lubotsky, violin, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, BIS (1984), LP/stereo; (1985), CD: DDD

Symphony No.2 “The Legendary”, Symphony No.6; Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, BIS (1985), LP/stereo/CD

Symphony No.5, Suite from the Ballet “Kratt”, Bamberger Symphoniker, BIS (1985), CD: DDD

Requiem for Fallen Soldiers, Symphony No.10; Lund’s Choral Society, JanÅke Larsson, organ & piano, alto solo: Kerstin Lundin, baritone solo: Roland Rydell, timpani: Helmut Sitar, drum: Peter Wallin, Gothenburg S.O., BIS (1985/1986), LP/stereo/CD: DDD

Symhony No.4 “Sinfonia Lirica”, Symphony No.9, Toccata; Musikselskabet “Harmonien” Bergen, Gothenburg S.O., BIS (1986), CD: AAD

Double Bass Concerto, Valse Triste, Ballade for Violin and Orchestra, Violin Concerto No.2, Estonian Dance Suite; Håkan Ehrén, double bass, Gustavo Garcia, violin, BIS (1987) CD: AAD/DDD

Symphony No.1, Balalaika Concerto, Music for Strings, Emanuil Sheynkman, balalaika, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, BIS, (1987), CD:DDD

Symphony No.3, Symphony No.8; Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, BIS (1987), CD: DDD

Sinfonietta on Estonian Motifs, Piano Concertino, Symphony No.7: Roland Pöntinen, piano, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, BIS (1988), CD: DDD

Long Anglaise, Serf’s Dance (from Estonian Folk Dances) – Encore live from Orchestra Hall, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall (1997), CD

Violin Concerto No.1, Andante sostenuto; Xiang Gao (violin), Pärnu City Orchestra – Pärnu 2001: David Oistrakh Festival: Pärnu Oistrakh Festival (2001), CD

The Symphonies; No 1, No.5, No.3, No 2, No. 6, No. 3, No.8, No. 4, No. 9, Toccata, No. 7, No.10, Suite from the Ballet “Kratt”; Swedish Radio S.O., Bamberg S.O., Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Gothenburg S.O., BIS (2002). 5 CDs: DDD, AAD (reissue)


Archive recordings


Music for Strings, Piano Concertino, Symphony No.2 “Legendary”; Estonian State S.O.; Eesti Raadio, CD (Neeme Järvi conducts, CXV)

Symphony No.5, Symphony No.10; Estonian State S.O., Eesti Raadio, CD (Neeme Järvi conducts, CXVI)

Symphony No. 8, Symphony No. 9; Estonian State S.O., Eesti Raadio, CD (Neeme Järvi conducts, CXVII)

Double Bass Concerto; Leopold Andrejev, double bass, Soviet Union Radio Symphony Orchestra, Eesti Raadio, CD (Neeme Järvi conducts, LXXXIV)


Further information: www.nlib.ee/ESTER