Takahiro Akiba plays Tubin’s Variations on Estonian Folk Tunes

Pianist Takahiro Akiba plays Tubin’s Variations on Estonian Folk Tunes in the concert “KODUMAINE VIIS / Estonia 100 – Evening of Estonian Piano Music 2”

Information about the concert

Date: July 13 (Fri.), 2018 at 19:00

Venue: Lutheran Ichigaya Center Music Hall (Tokyo)

Performers: Takahiro Akiba and Yuko Yoshioka (Piano)


Organized by Estonian Music Project (EMP)

Cooperated by Japan-Estonia Friendship Association (JEFA)

Supported by Embassy of Republic of Estonia, Estonian Music Information Center (EMIK), Japan-Eurasia Society



  1. ELLER – “Homeland Tune” (Kodumaine viis) / Version for Piano Solo (1918)
  2. TUBIN – Variations on Estonian Folk Tunes, ETW 41 (1945)
  3. KAPP – 6 pieces from the cycle “Pictures from Tallinn” / Version for Piano Solo (1949)
  4. MÄGI – “Vana Kannel” for Piano (1985)
  5. KÕRVITS – “Five Forgotten Patterns of the Sky” (Viis unustatud taevamustrit) for Piano (For Takahiro Akiba / 2017) World Premiere
  6. PÕLDMÄE – From the Cycle “Estonian Landscapes” for Piano (For Yuko Yoshioka / 2018) World Premiere

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Tubin’s works performed in “Northern Lights” festival

On 12 February

Sonata no 2 “Northern Lights”

Mihkel Poll – piano


On 14 February

Preludes no 1 Con calmo ETW 30-1, no 4 Hetk Eesti motiivil. [A Moment on Estonian Motive.] Andante ETW 33-2, no 7 Andante mesto ETW 43, no 10 Allegro molto vivace ETW 46-3, and no 14 Chaconne ETW 46-7

Tanel Joamets – piano

Variations on an Estonian Folk Tune ETW 41

Age Juurikas – piano


On 16 February

Ballade on a Theme by Mart Saar

Ivari Ilja – piano

Further information can be seen at: http://interpreet.ee/kontserdid/