Tubin’s solo songs in London

Mirjam Mesak, soprano, and Kristiina Rokashevich, piano, performed Tubin’s solo songs ”Autumn Sun”, “Waiting for Happiness”, “Summer Night”, “Yearning” and “Lullaby” on 23 February in the St Martin in the Fields and on 24 February in the Westminster Cathedral Hall.



Volumes XIV and XV published

We are happy to announce that volumes XIV and XV of the Eduard Tubin Complete Works are out now. Volumes include the full scores and piano scores of composer’s double bass concerto as well as balalaika concerto. In addition, the piano score of the first movement of the unfinished cello concerto is published in volume XV.

The editors of the volumes are Edward Jurkowski and Reet Marttila.


Takahiro Akiba plays Tubin’s Variations on Estonian Folk Tunes

Pianist Takahiro Akiba plays Tubin’s Variations on Estonian Folk Tunes in the concert “KODUMAINE VIIS / Estonia 100 – Evening of Estonian Piano Music 2”

Information about the concert

Date: July 13 (Fri.), 2018 at 19:00

Venue: Lutheran Ichigaya Center Music Hall (Tokyo)

Performers: Takahiro Akiba and Yuko Yoshioka (Piano)


Organized by Estonian Music Project (EMP)

Cooperated by Japan-Estonia Friendship Association (JEFA)

Supported by Embassy of Republic of Estonia, Estonian Music Information Center (EMIK), Japan-Eurasia Society



  1. ELLER – “Homeland Tune” (Kodumaine viis) / Version for Piano Solo (1918)
  2. TUBIN – Variations on Estonian Folk Tunes, ETW 41 (1945)
  3. KAPP – 6 pieces from the cycle “Pictures from Tallinn” / Version for Piano Solo (1949)
  4. MÄGI – “Vana Kannel” for Piano (1985)
  5. KÕRVITS – “Five Forgotten Patterns of the Sky” (Viis unustatud taevamustrit) for Piano (For Takahiro Akiba / 2017) World Premiere
  6. PÕLDMÄE – From the Cycle “Estonian Landscapes” for Piano (For Yuko Yoshioka / 2018) World Premiere

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Tubin’s works performed in “Northern Lights” festival

On 12 February

Sonata no 2 “Northern Lights”

Mihkel Poll – piano


On 14 February

Preludes no 1 Con calmo ETW 30-1, no 4 Hetk Eesti motiivil. [A Moment on Estonian Motive.] Andante ETW 33-2, no 7 Andante mesto ETW 43, no 10 Allegro molto vivace ETW 46-3, and no 14 Chaconne ETW 46-7

Tanel Joamets – piano

Variations on an Estonian Folk Tune ETW 41

Age Juurikas – piano


On 16 February

Ballade on a Theme by Mart Saar

Ivari Ilja – piano

Further information can be seen at: http://interpreet.ee/kontserdid/